Bulk Voice Calls

Bulk Voice Calls

Now send your voice to your future customer for just 55 paisa. Now reach people any time with Bulk Voice Call. You can also promote your business on DND numbers.

Call quantity Cost/Call Total Cost including tax Buy Now
1000 Voice Calls 90 Paisa Rs. 900/-
5000 Voice Calls 80 Paisa Rs. 4,000/-
10,000 Voice Calls 75 Paisa Rs. 7,500/-
50000 Voice Calls 60 Paisa Rs. 30,000/-
100000 Voice Calls 55 Paisa Rs. 55,000/-

Bulk Voice Calls Features

DND Delivery

Send your promotional voice message to DND numbers.

High Speed Parallel calls

High speed call connect.

Undeliverd Refund

Only delivered calls will be charged.

Sender ID

Sender ID is your Moblile No.


WAV format. 30 seconds call timing.

Delivery Report

Get complete delivery report in excel sheet.