High priority Promotional Bulk SMS

Promotional Bulk SMS

High priority Promotional SMS at rock bottom price. Red Spider Web provide promotional SMS with long validity and a very reasonable price. With our SMS system you can send SMS in many Indian regional languages. We provide complete SMS delivery report and of course we don't charge on DND mobile numbers. SMS sending time : 9AM-9PM.

Enterprise Promotional SMS

SIM Route bulk SMS

In this route you don't need to create sender ids. The SMS will send from random 10 digit numbers. This SMS route is cheap and most effective for mass campaign.

1. No setup costs

2. Low cost

3. Instant 100% Delivery

4. No sender ID

SMS quantity Cost/SMS Price GST Total price
(including 18% GST)
Buy Now
25,000 13 Paisa/sms Rs. 3,250/- Rs. 585/- Rs. 3,835/-
50,000 11 Paisa/sms Rs. 5,500/- Rs. 990/- Rs. 6,490/-
1 Lakh 9 Paisa/sms Rs. 9,000/- Rs. 1620/- Rs. 10,620/-

Sender Id Route

Enterprise promotional SMS is the best tool to promote your business in people's inbox. It transmit SMS through our high priority SMS gateway and that's why it reach it's destination very fast. After purchase you have to create 6 digit Sender Id. eg. IM-ABCDEF. here "ABCDEF" is a sender id. You will get 5 free sender ids with every package.
1 sms = 160 character

1. No setup costs

2. DND Refund

3. Instant 100% Delivery

4. Free 5 sender ID

SMS quantity Cost/SMS Price GST Total price
(including 18% GST)
Buy Now
1,000 29 Paisa/sms Rs. 290/- Rs. 52.2/- Rs. 342.2/-
5,000 20 Paisa/sms Rs. 1,000/- Rs. 180/- Rs. 1,180/-
10,000 17 Paisa/sms Rs. 1,700/- Rs. 306/- Rs. 2006/-
25,000 15 Paisa/sms Rs. 3750/- Rs. 675/- Rs. 4425/-
50,000 14 Paisa/sms Rs. 7000/- Rs. 1260/- Rs. 8260/-
1 Lakh 13 Paisa/sms Rs. 13,000/- Rs. 2,340/- Rs. 15,340/-

Enterprise Promotional SMS Features

We are India's cheapest high priority promotional bulk SMS provider. We provide high priority SMS gateway with 100% delivery and complete delivery reports. We are Delhi, India's most cheapest and reliable bulk SMS company.

High priority SMS

High priority SMS gateway to send your SMS fast.

DND Refund

Real time DND filter without deduction of sms credits

Delivery Report

Get complete delivery report in excel sheet.


We provide API with documentation and integration code.

Sender ID

Get your own sender ID with 6 Letters. Get your own BRAND.

Regional SMS

Send SMS in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi and other regional languages.